"Iggy Frost" the Penguin ~ Silent Auction

If you're like me, you love the vision of a baby Penguin! Watching them frolic brings such joy, and these animated characters remind me of winter magic, generating curiosity and many smiles. As they live so far off on the icy edges of earth, we tend to bring them to life in our imaginations and hearts. So, in honor of these enchanting creatures, I was inspired to create a one of a kind penguin candy container for this holiday season. As it turns out, he's quite charming, and I am rather partial to sweet Iggy. While placing a price on my art is always a challenge, I have decided to toss that snowball to you! If you are interested in "Iggy Frost" please EMAIL ME with your Best Offer. This is a Silent Auction, and I will be accepting your bids for one week. By Noon this coming Sunday, the 13th, I will update all bidding participants via email with the highest best offer along with an invitation to place another bid. The winning bid will be determined the following day by Noon EST on Monday, December 14th, and the winner will be notified via email.

If you are fond of Iggy Frost, I suggest you place an early starting bid to join in my email notification loop. Then, if you wish, on Sunday you will have 24 hours to top the highest offer before the auction ends. I appreciate your bids of affection and support! HAPPY FROSTY WINTER!

PS: Don't forget that I'm also hosting a Frosty Friends Web Sale on this Sunday evening too!

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UPDATE: Iggy's Auction has now Ended with a Best Offer of $780
Many Thanks to ALL who participated! :)

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MEET the delightful "Iggy Frost".........


* Here he's catching some morning rays in my new studio space, where I lovingly created him from scratch.


* Iggy has the sweetest profile. Maybe if I tickle his beak, or pinch his cheek, he'll start singing a jolly song!


* We crafted Iggy in 2 parts, so you can simply twist off his head to fill his container base with treats or whatever you wish!

- 9.5" tall x 4.5" wide

- One of a kind, hand sculpted and painted candy container with removable head-lid

- Accents include hand sewn vintage crepe paper bow tie, wisp collar, glass glitter trims and mica    shimmer

- Signed and Dated, 1/1

EMAIL your Best Offer to: johanna@johannaparkerdesign.com

You will receive an email confirmation. However, if you do not receive a reply, please try sending your best offer to: johannaparker@mac.com  During this auction, bidders and bids will not be revealed. This is a silent auction. Many thanks to ALL participants :)


* Iggy Frost proudly strikes a pose. A light and fluffy black collar of wisp adds texture and whimsy.


* A medley of hand-painted snowflakes are sprinkled across the sides and back of his base.


* Front and center is a jovial scene of a hand-painted Iggy, ice-skating along the way.......


* A ruffle-like brim of papier mache trims the top of his container cup and adds another touch of vintage red.


* He wears a jolly winter hat with sculpted details and delicate bands of black glass glitter.


* More wintery flakes and wind swirls decorate the back...........


* Twist his cup around for a different look too!


* Signed and Dated, 1/1...........


* Take me home! I'm unique to the world :)

Thank you for your interest and support!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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