Trunk Show Tease...

It feels good to be finished with my collection of Halloween originals for this year's 8th Annual Halloween Trunk Show at Leo's Garage! I stayed up late last night shooting photos of each piece, and it looks like I will have a menagerie of 36 one of a kinds to offer this Saturday along with all sorts of my signed reproductions and Halloween notepads! After each posed for his or her mug, I snapped some teaser vignettes which will hopefully entice you to join us and want see more! Enjoy the photos, and I hope to see you on Saturday :)

8th Annual Halloween Trunk Show
Saturday, October 5th * Noon - 6pm
Leo's Automotive
1563 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210

Visit the Halloween Trunk Show's Website for more details!


* I made several fun owl characters this year..... each very unique and many donning a vintage button or 2 or 3 or more...


* A Peek-a-boo cat & bulldog - both double as candy containers!


* Of course, more ball characters are certainly in the mix....


*  I added a few busts to this year's line ~ a raven showing off his beak and a wildly grinning black cat...


* I'm lovin' these whimsical spiders, and they promise not to bite!


* Green-faced witches don a spooky-sweet look!


* And my first Frankenstien was born this year too!


* A Halloween rabbit and a tombstone skelly are also part of this year's family....


* And a pair of kitty mini busts sport a candy corn motif...


* A duo of jack-o'-lanterns share a glance...


* More owls may just mesmerize you with their large eyes!


* And bats with their stylized wings!


* Halloween bugs, Jacks, cats, ghosts and bats along with other sweet characters await! Won't you join us?

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