The Halloween Scene at Leo's...

Oh my, it has been a busy last few weeks! I finally had a chance to sort through my photos taken from last Saturday's 8th Annual Halloween Trunk Show here in Denver. As usual, it was a frenzy to set everything up the morning of the event. I only had a few a minutes to spare to snap some quick photos of both my display and the other artists exhibiting at this year's show. We were just thrilled to see so many dear collectors from both near and far, join us for this year's event! We had collector friends fly in from coast to coast, and I was just so honored and humbled to see their smiling faces here in Denver! THANK YOU to ALL of YOU that saved the date and made our Saturday extra special! And on another note, thank you again for your patience while we were experiencing some wacky technical difficulties with our credit card processing on 3 different devices! So much for all that technology that we invested in! At the start, the wait to check out was rather long, and we appreciated your patience. Now, we are on a mission to resolve this before December's Home Show!  Wish us luck! Despite that little flaw in the flow, we hope you had a fun time at Leo's this year! It's probably one of the few shows in the world where a spotless automotive garage houses a medley of Halloween art, decor and vintage goods, just for one day! For those of you that missed it, there's always next year! And in the meantime, enjoy my photos!

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna


* That's me, smiling under the 'ol Halloween festooned umbrella!


* And, here's a view of my main table, decked out in all my licensed Halloween delights!


* I brought along an antique orange & black bird cage, which served as the perfect prop for my Jack-o'-lantern ornament guys to suspend from!


* Two tiers of my whimsical, vintage style candy boxes included a new owl design this year...


* More owls welcomed attendees and perched on an old child's chair...


* And my display would not be complete without black cats, spiders and skellies!


* New pieces for this year, a black cat that doubles as a vase, and a perching owl with JOL parade stick shared a small stool and welcomed guests...


* The big Pennzoil sign on the wall reminded folks that yes, they were indeed in an automotive garage! You can see the garage doors behind my display...


* Miniature owls, slated for next year, made an early appearance at this year's show!


* The old umbrella I snatched at a garage sale, served as a spooky display for my hanging Halloween candy cone characters!


* Another angle of my booth reveals a cupboard full of my Halloween originals!


* And, before the show, JP snapped a quick pic of me posing with all my 2013 one of a kind characters!


* And, then I snapped a pic of him too! He deserves much credit in the making of ALL of these guys as he sands and inspects each piece thoroughly before I begin the painted details! If you've seen my earlier work, you will notice that JP did NOT sand those..... LOL!


* Just a peek at some of my original candy containers for Halloween 2013!! Wish I had made more, but they are labor intensive indeed, and the clock is never kind...


* Another close-up, this time of an owl ball character with painted pennants and perching hoots...


* Here's a quick glance toward the front door with many peeps outside, waiting to see what's in store!


* My curiosity had the better of me, and I opened the door to say HI to many of my peeps, excited to see this year's JPD collection! THANK YOU for your enthusiasm!  It's heart-warming :)


* A quick spin-around, and you can spot my Halloween display off in the distance!


* And swoosh! The door opened, and my collectors dashed to my booth to snatch their favorite pieces! I brought 36 originals and had only 4 left! Oh my goodness! I always wish I had had time to make more....


* All of that frenzy made my tummy rumble, and Erica McNeish's yummy delights were a'waiting! Chocolate chip cookies, monster bars and cupcakes were just some of the sweets she had for those of us with a sweet tooth!


* And, luckily I snapped a quick photo of Erica McNeish (at right) with her lovely friend!


* A black decorated skull housed a medley of Halloween-themed boxes filled with yummy popcorn!


* Across the way, Sam Robinson, aka Manorisms, had a spooky cool display of Halloween novelties. Check out that big owl perching on her cupboard!


* Painted papier mache skulls, hats and unique masks were part of Sam's Halloween offerings this year...


* Sam's Halloween die-cuts, novelty items for the kids and books to get your spook on, created a little shop of curiosities!


* And, there's Sam Robinson at left, chatting with folk artist Cindy Habermann!


* Here's a peek at Cindy Habermann's sweet Halloween folk art characters - each hand-sculpted and unique!


* Next door was the All Good Wishes menagerie by Heide Murray with her needle felted characters, expressing all sorts of vintage style whimsy! Rabbits, turnip-folks, beets, jacks and ghosts - just to name a few! I regret that I didn't snap a quick photo of Heide herself when I was making the rounds...


* But, across the way, Heide's adorable daughter had a table of handmade delights. She reminded me of myself back in the day!


* Two more junior entrepreneurs (Erica & Sam's daughters) were filled with giggles and grins, and perhaps a little mischief too!


* Next to our booth, Kara Rosenberry had a pretty display of her handmade papers and painted delights, clever cards and whatnots...


* Kara and I have been crossing paths and inspiring each other at Sam's shows for many years!


* And across the way, Mysti Gulsrud of Dia de los Meurtos Jewelry / Delphinium Design shared a big grin along with a table full of her colorful jewels!


* Kim Sorden of Magic Fairy Candles brought more delights to the senses with her aromatic candles...


* Monica Moonlight added her whimsical twist to the mix via clay, fabric and yarn...


* And many vintage style fashionable accessories from MandyYocom of Fern & Sprout made it difficult to choose which one!


* Got a cute pic of Mandy Yocom, decked out in ruffles and florets!


* And Mandy's charming beau, Scott Hildebrandt, aka Mister Christmas, was all smiles, while he tinkered with his one of a kind miniatures...


* Scott has a passion for both holidays and miniatures with an eclectic, vintage twist! Old radios, antique salt and pepper glass jars and vintage bread boxes often house his miniature, whimsical scenes...


* At the end of the day, the girls put on the big hair and made the rounds! It was a memorable Trunk Show, and we can only hope that next year will be just as great!!!! Thank YOU for making it great...


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