Colorfax Mural Dedication...

Many thanks to all my friends who joined us in a community gathering to celebrate our first Colorfax mural! An enthusiastic group of folks assembled on Wednesday evening in front this colorful wall for a short hoorah and to marvel at the efforts of those who came together to make this happen. Enjoy a snapshot of images, and long live Colorfax!


* That's me at the parking lot podium, talking with my arms :)


* An assembly of local supporters, some of whom helped us paint this beauty, arrived with smiles on a balmy August evening...


* That's Bill Marino - 40 West Arts District's Board Chair & Lakewood-West Colfax Business Improvement District's Executive Director - waving around my Colorfax decals!


* After the mural was completed, I tweaked the Colorfax logo, adding movement and flare by angling the graphic green box, adding some curves and dropping the tag line below the main image. I like it even more! Many thanks to Dan Lundin of Banner Signs for printing up these complimentary decals! They created quite the buzzzz, and were gone in a flash! It's been fun for me to tap back into my graphic design roots, and create an iconic image with a mission to rejuvenate the Colfax corridor!


* Bill Marino offers praise and thanks to the owners of the King's Rest Motel for their support and accommodating spirit!


* I spoke about how I developed the mural and logo and the synergetic hummingbird symbolism.....


* Looks like somebody made me laugh :)


* And then Mayor Bob Murphy joined us to speak about his appreciation for this unique project...


* Clearly he was and is excited about Colorfax!


* And Lonnie Hanzon, local artist extraordinaire and good friend joined us to celebrate this project. He helped me paint the hummingbird on paint day.....


* We had to snap a pic of Jerry Redwine - proud owner of this whimsically painted wall - standing with our Mayor!


* Lastly, we strung a ribbon across the wall and cut it in a moment of silly commemoration!