Sneak Peeks from the Show...

I thought I would share a few images from my display at last weekend's Everything Recycled Art Market. Many thanks goes out to those of you that came out to see us in that dusty old warehouse! Hehe! As it was a 1st of it's kind show here in the Denver area, some fine-tuning is in order to enhance the shopping experience in the future. We appreciate those of you that joined us. Now, let's get to the photos.... For this event, I only brought my one of a kind, handmade creations and filled in with my latest, illustrated notepads. Enjoy!

~ Johanna


* The midpoint of my main table was marked with a trio of one of a kind cat busts. Each has already sold. I brought along an old lamp from our kitchen to light my display. Notice the upside-down metal mop bucket holster that serves as a lampshade? As I was digging through my old vintage fabrics, I came across the adorable apron that I used as a mock curtain to tie the whole scene together! I love recycling old vintage goods!


* An old green metal watering can served as a cheerful backdrop to display a pair of one of a kind owl magnets...


* A super large yellow-hued tin can made for another great opportunity to show off the uniqueness of each owl character that JP and I made...


* For many, it was difficult to choose which owl to pluck from the display as they were all so different and fun!


* An old white shelf housed a small collection of my one of a kind, button-covered originals.


* An old fruitcake tin was the perfect container to both house my new notepads and display a few more magnets...


 * My favorite piece from my recycled art collection is "Nellie Button Belly" the perched owl. She's my first turquoise-hued owl, and the antique buttons on her belly make for a fun, vintage stylized look. I gave her a hefty pricetag as I am partial to this piece, and she was a lot of work. She's still in my possession, but eventually I may release her. Twist my arm..... :)


* Hoot Hoot!  Thanks for checking in and happy treasure hunting!........

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