Flower Power Web Sale!

I don't know about you, but this year, Spring has been so very slow here in Colorado! Temps are finally warming up after several bouts of late season snow and chilly cold snaps! We ALL have had severe spring fever, but thankfully, the grass is greening, the clover is emerging and some perennials are starting to bloom! During our weather woes, I had the idea to create a flower themed collection of originals to celebrate the commencement of May. As the thought evolved, a new concept blossomed so to speak, and I designed a handful of ball character "Flower Keepers" that double as small vases for delicate floral bouquets. Each is inserted with a polymer vial that can hold water and keep your cut flowers fresh! And, each Flower Keeper includes a decorated cork topper! Fortunately, my experiment was a success, and these pieces came to life in my studio while the flowers began to bloom outdoors. I spent the weekend picking little posies, arranging them and snapping photo vignettes of these sweeties. As dear as they are in our cottage home, I will be offering them this Wednesday evening on my website. In addition to the Flower Keepers, an original trio of my butterfly egg cup characters are back by popular demand! In all, I will have a small collection of 7 originals to offer, so please visit my Folk Art Originals page on Wednesday evening! You are welcome to Join my Mailing List for more specifics regarding the sale.  Thank you for your interest!

Happy Spring!
~ Johanna

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* A peek at 2 of the 4 Flower Keepers, each displaying their floral panache atop my kitchen shelf...


* Hearts are a'flutter! This trio of butterfly egg cup characters just landed...


* See you on Wednesday for more delightful flower empowering creations!

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