Vanished like a Ghost!

Goooooood Evening friends! I know it's about time that I reappear from my vanishing act. The days just fly by, and all of the sudden 4 months of a new year have practically flashed before my eyes! I feel like my art has been fading in and out of existence ~ a sort of push and pull between my creative bliss and a steady involvement in several community volunteer efforts. The tables are soon to turn however, and that means that my workshop table should soon be alive with more papier mache and paints! I really miss it, and look forward to getting papier mache under my nails again ~ I can't believe I just said that :)

This is also the time of year that I design prototypes for my licensees, and the majority of my submissions for 2014 have been created from my illustrations. Hence, my creative time as of late has been at my drafting table and in front of computer screen vs. that messy old workshop of mine. And, so you know that I have not completely faded away, I want to share one of my latest illustrated renderings with you! Speaking of Ghosts, this is my Ghost Genie to be fabricated into a standing figurine and offered through Bethany Lowe Designs next year...


* So many of you have inquired about my ghosts, so finally I will have a collectible reproduction to offer to you!


* Inspired by the movement and flowing curves of this character, I created a composition to frame him. The hope is to apply this fanciful image to various products, such as art in frames, pillows, napkins, plaques, etc... Please leave me a comment if you have more ideas for me!


* And, here is a sneak peek of this ghost's posterior! Rendering his backside is fairly simple: Reverse the image, blend out the faces and front accessories, and voila! It's the profile views that are a bit more challenging to imagine and interpret on paper and screen..... ALSO, those of you that follow me on FACEBOOK were recently asked the silly question: "How you prefer your SPIDERS?" If you missed it, GO take a peek to see the other flat art illustration that I have in the works to add to my collection of 2014 Halloween figures!

I look forward to sharing this final Ghostly character piece with you when it releases next summer! In the meantime, keep an eye out for my latest Halloween figurine coming out this year! For those of you who howl for Owls, you will adore this sweet collectible piece. I just received my samples last week, and they are ever so fun! Look for "Perched Owl on Pumpkin" (not the most exciting name - LOL) coming to a gift shop near you. Or, you can visit my list of online vendors that carry my licensed designs and inquire about this Fall 2013 piece!



* And, as I did with the illustrated ghost rendering above, so I did with this fun owl! He started out as a flat illustration, and after they spun their Halloween magic, the talented manufacturers that work with Bethany Lowe Designs brought him to life!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into my creative character process....

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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