Thanks for Sharing...

Hi friends! It's time to share the fun photos that YOU have been sharing with us this past week! We are so happy that you enjoyed our "Hearty Hat" project, and it has been a joy to see your pictures. It makes us smile, knowing that this project has created so many fun memories for you! Many thanks to all of you that took the time to share your images with us. Remember, HEARTS are here to stay and not just for Valentine's Day. So, if you haven't had a moment to play, we welcome you to Download and PRINT this special project file, have fun and SHARE! I will be adding more of your photos to this post as you submit them! So, it's not too late to join in on the fun :)  For now, in no particular order, I am posting the sweet photos we have received thus far. ENJOY!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack


" This is my hat project. Bailey would have no part of wearing what he considers a kitty toy on his head, so I found it a safer perch on the sideboard. " ~ Melinda H.


* Melinda placed her Hearty Hat in a wine glass on her sideboard ~ Clever display concept ~ it looks LOVELY!




" I had so much fun sticking this cute little hat on everything and everyone in my house! Myself, my cat, my bunny, my dolls! LOL Thanks again for the holiday fun, Johanna!! ♥ Happy Valentines Day!! " ~ Kym A. 


" Hi Miss Johanna! Here are the pictures of Joey! That was such a cute and sweet idea to share with everyone! It was hard to get a good picture with the hat staying on him :-) Enjoy!!! " ~ Lori K.


" Simon has a Valentine cat hat thanks to Johanna Parker ;) " ~ Amy B.


" Mag's got one too " ~ Amy B.

" Dearest Johanna,

First, Thank you kindly for sharing this PDF of your wonderful artwork. I had so much fun making it! Second, you and your husband are definitely better photographers than my husband and I. And third, Jack is so much more relaxed and cool with a hat on than Cobweb, our cat. (She's about 80 yrs. old in cat years)......

...But alas, we did the best we could and here's the best two. I'm convinced that these would have come out better in the natural daylight, but it was one of those things where I was like, "Honey quick! Get the camera!" Also I laughed so hard throughout the process of trying to take the photos, because Cobweb had no interest in getting her picture taken, and my husband kept calling himself my "cat-hat slave." All in all it was a fun shoot. So Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! And thank you again for the hat project! " ~ Amber O.


" Dear Johanna - Thanks for the HAT download!!! Tonight I am hosting a "Valentine/ Birthday" party for a neighbor. The HAT download came just in time to print off for my guests. Still so much to do, tho, before 6 p.m. Just wanted to show you the 1st hat, that became a "plant-poke" until I refine my 'rolling' technique! Ha! Ha! Thank-you again my dear for SHARING. " ~ Jude B.


" Your Hat on Sally King Garden Baby - Happy Heart Day! " ~ Laura M.

I invite others to JOIN in and SHARE your photos! EMAIL me your pictures, and I will post them here!