Hearts are a-flutter in my workshop right now. Yesterday, I finished a handful of "SnowBeaus" which is my new term for whimsical snowmen who don handmade, heart-stacked hats! I will be making them available for purchase from my Folk Art Originals page this Saturday. Mailing List recipients will receive an emailed notice tomorrow with the start time and details. I know it's short notice, but I only have a few. As for "Romantic Romeowl" the Valentine owl ~ well, he is complete as well! He posed for multiple photos yesterday, and he'll be making an appearance on my blog tomorrow. Anxious owl-lovers can peek at him on my Flicker page right now. As much as love him, I will be offering him in a week-long Best Offer Blog Auction right here. So check back for the details to come.

Thank you for your LOVE of my art.....
I truly ADMIRE your AFFECTION for one of a kind folk art!

~ Johanna


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