Merry Christmas to You!...

Hello & Best Wishes to my friends in Blogland ~ Merry Christmas to you! Admittedly, I almost skipped this year's holiday photo shoot with Jack as this December has been one for the record books! Two days after our stellar 10th Annual Open House & Art Show, JP took his naturalization test and became an American citizen! After knowing him for over 20 years, it all happened so fast that we could barely catch our breath! Shortly after that, we ventured on a spontaneous road trip up and over snowy mountains to Vegas in order to see his dad get married! When we returned, we put our suitcases away along with all the holiday show props and rearranged the entire house! Now, I'm catching up on my books and all that fun year-end stuff that business owners have to do. So, fortunately, I woke up today with that creative impulse to make a felted holiday hat for Jack! And..... after a few shots, VOILA! As usual, he enjoyed the attention and hammed it up for the camera while we laughed and laughed! So, ENJOY and CHEERS to YOU! May you have a Happy Holiday Season, and many many THANKS for your loving support over the years.

~ Johanna, JP & Jack


* Merry Christmas from Mr. Jack donning his new red felted hat!


* What an innocent little fella....... (ya right!)


* Jack looks for Santa....


* Jack ponders what Santa will bring....


* Wish upon a star....


* What a poser!


* Have a purrrrrrrrfect holiday!

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