Giddy for Ghoultide....

Hello Friends! As you may imagine, I am giddy for the Ghoultide Gathering! It's astounding to believe that all the festivities will start this Friday evening! It will be such a pleasure to regroup with my fellow Halloween artist friends and also unite with so many cherished collectors. Today, amongst a myriad of little to-do's, I am adding the final touches to one last perched owl statement piece. Once I finish and pack him away, I can take a wee little sigh of relief, and then cross my fingers for a great show to come. I know many of you would like to peek in and see what I have been creating for this fantastical event, so I am sharing just a glance at only some of the fun, one of a kind characters that I am carting with me. As you may know, each piece is very special, created from scratch and a collectible treasure. I look forward to your response as you meet and greet this unique menagerie of mine. For now, enjoy the sneak peek.........


* This Raven base chamber vase is one of my faves with that elongated beak and all the eye-catching textural details and painted patterns...


* Hidee-ho-hello from a very special mouse sitter, all decked out for the festivities!


* A one and only signature black cat casts his spell with that enticing smile!


* A bulldog & mouse duo surely look forward to an approaching adoption...


* Oh Bats! A stunning base chamber vase bat is calling to you!


* A pair of some of my favorite owls, created for this season!


* More sweet Halloween egg cup characters will be in the mix!


* Owl & Jack ball characters delight you with their innocent faces!


* A showy Owl base chamber vase with boldly painted patterns will certainly bring whimsy to someone's Halloween home!


* Statuesque Halloween characters will happily haunt you!

* A pair of spellbinding witches in soft vintage green hues will be awaiting! Check out those batty spectacles!


* A mini bat bust with a splash of purple and orange screeches for Halloween!

Well, that's it for now! I hope you are intrigued, and I look forward to seeing you this Friday & Saturday at the Ghoultide Gathering where all of my Halloween originals for this season will be on display and available to you!

Check back later this week as I hope to post some fun images from last Saturday's Trunk Show.

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna