Crafting with Mom again...

The last few days have been a rare treat as my parents have been visiting JP and myself, here in Colorado. Together, we have been sharing memories, laughing and bouncing creative ideas off of one another. With their pending visit in mind, I took some much needed time to clean up my workshop. Wow, what a mess it was! Fortunately, I was able to find my worktable underneath layers of stuff, and  mom and I spent a few hours crafting. I was working on the base coats on a new Rhyme Time original piece, slated to sell this summer while mom brought a bag of woolen textiles to sew into keepsakes for her Kathy Parker Collection. It was fun, and it reminded me of the good 'ol days growing up and joining her at the kitchen counter to work on creative projects together. Of course, JP took the opportunity to catch us in the act, and soon we found ourselves elevating our level of silliness as the camera lens spied on our activities. Now, my parents have already left for home, and I'm sitting here enjoying the photos and wishing they lived closer. For now, I thought it would be a treat to share a few images from yesterday's fun in the workshop. Here's hoping that we will have more opportunities to craft together in the future.......

Best wishes,
~ Johanna

* After a few eye-watering moments of laughter, the two of us settled down for a sweet photo together...
(This one would have been perfect for my Mother's Day post!)

* Earlier, JP snapped a few funny overheads which made it difficult to concentrate on our work...

* Peek-a-boo!

* "Now get serious girls"..... I'm painting a one of a kind Halloween bulldog character, while mom works on a Valentine's keepsake. Clearly, we do not work with the current seasons.... haha!

* Mom joins me by my side for a closer look at my dry-brushing technique...

* Looks like we couldn't keep a straight face for too long :)