Jolly Fun Tease!...

As promised, I thought I would share a wee little tease from my wintery workshop! The first 8 images are a peek at just some of the collectible holiday originals that I am painting this week! Of course, they all need their vintage patina, mica sprinkles, trims and any other adornments that I may choose to add. And yes, I am aware that I have less than 2 weeks to complete this collection, photograph each one, then clean, rearrange the house and decorate! Yikes! I hope I will still be standing when we open our doors on December 3rd! Wish me luck as I certainly need it... For now, enjoy the peek. And now, I am signing out as I am on a mission to prepare for our 9th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House, destined to be here soon whether I am ready or not! Where did this year go??

(Dear Mr. Calendar,
Can we add one more month to your pages between Halloween & Christmas? Pretty please?  :)

Enjoy, and I look forward tor seeing so many of you soon!

~ Johanna


* Just a peek at some of my Christmas characters awaiting their final touches....


* A pair of cats and a larger owl are certainly looking underdressed!  But, soon that's about to change...


Looks like Missy Mistletoe is close to being ready for the big day, but a glass glitter brim and collar are still in order...


* The base coat has been applied to this wintery owl, and soon I will decorate his hat and perch!


* The top half of a snowman egg cup peers through a crowd of red and white delights...


* I thought I would add a few holiday ghosts to this year's mix!  Why not?  :) There's always the Ghost of Christmas Past to haunt us through the holidays, right?


* And the mice have a been a big hit this year, so a few holiday ones are in the works!


This sweet snowman candy container is anxious for a little twinkle and a set of arms!


* As for my holiday reproductions, I am unleashing a very limited line of snowmen sitters that I designed for Bethany Lowe. Sadly, they never made it into the catalog, and only 16 were produced!  Why, I don't know as they are such jolly fun!.... But, I will have these exlusively available to the folks that attend our Open House!


* And I ordered a few fun "Ruby the Snowbust" characters from my Primitives by Kathy holiday line...


* Also new this season are these sweet snowmen and Santa novelty boxes from my Primitives by Kathy line. Each reproduction will be signed too.....


* Here's a close-up on this year's sugary looking snowmen clothespin clips that you can snap to the boughs of your holiday tree. Dangle their legs over the pine needles for a whimsically fun effect. These characters are from my Bethany Lowe Designs line...


* Back by popular demand from my Bethany Lowe Designs line are these collectible Santa ornaments! They also have a snowman friend to match....


* And another fun group shot of this year's latest Santa characters, again from BLD, also clip to the boughs of your tree!

For all of these fun delights and MORE, please join us on December 3rd & 4th for our Holiday Open House. I will also have a fun variety of illustrated notepads and charms, along with additional winter characters and ornaments. And as promised, the Halloween fans can enjoy the year-end orange and black reproduction delights that I will have available in my back studio room. Don't miss it!

For the official invite and details on this special event, please Join my Mailing List for the scoop!