Busy at Work!...

Well, you haven't heard much from me as I have been a busy elf working long days in my workshop in preparation for our annual home show this year! As the first weekend of December rolls in, we will be opening our doors for our 9th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House! There is so so much yet to do, but I wanted to reassure those attending that I am busy at work, preparing for your visit! Wish me luck as I need it! And with any of that luck, I hope to post a few teaser pics here of what I am working on, time permitting of course. So, check back if  you can, and I'll see you soon :)

~ Johanna


For those of you interested in joining us, please Join my Mailing List for the full scoop!

And for a sneak peek at years past, here's a fun look back down memory lane:

2010 Cone Zone Christmas
2009 Take a Peek Inside
2008 Scenes from our Home Show
2007 Holiday Open House

~ Johanna