Halloween Archives...

It's funny the things you'll find when surfing on the web... I did a little search under "Halloween folk art" and found myself on Better Homes & Gardens website! They featured me back in their 2007 issue of Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine, and now they have a series of 16 images and pages on their website that cover my story. Several of the photos are completely new to me, so it was interesting to finally see those. Included is a quick How-To that I shared with their readers at the time of publication. You can view the entire thing by visiting this link: Folk Art Halloween. Enjoy this 'lil flashback to the year 2007!

(Here are just a few of the images you'll see on their website.....)

* There's me at a mock workstation.... They wanted to capture that yummy purple wall!

* A table top display I put together for the shoot... The witch bust and hanging spider are my originals from my private collection.

* My hands (again)..... I'm wondering whatever happened to that amber ring?...

* The papier mache cat candy container I made for the article's How-to feature. Details on their website.....

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Photography by Emily Minton