Donning for Easter...

Holiday hats are all the rage in our house, and for Easter there is no exception! As many of you know, Jack is our fashion model for the seasons, and today was picture day. I found myself in all sorts of odd positions trying to snap the perfect photo ~ don't even try to imagine! :) Anyway, I lucked out, and Jack was partially patient with me as I adjusted his hat and collar time and time again. Have a looksie at the photos I snapped below, and ENJOY! I hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend!
~ Johanna

* His sweet little chickie hat is similar to one that I recently designed for a spring bird to wear in my 2011 Bethany Lowe Designs spring line. I decided to make an extra one for you know who!

* His matching collar is one I made years ago for a bunny sculpture that well, never made its way around the neck of that bunny. See why I hang on to all my scraps and extra trims?! You just never know when you might be needing those... ( Poor Jack, right?) In this photo, Jack is wondering when I am going to take all these darn accessories off of him!!

* Looking for an escape route here, but my knee was doing the blocking.....

* But all clear this way ~ time to jump!.... hehe!

* You have to admit, it's all pretty cute!.... Rest-assured, he is hat & collar free now, and happily looking out the window and cat-chirping at the birds. I think he really does like all the attention though! :)