CATCH this Cat if you can!...

Surprise!... I just finished this fun one of a kind black and cream-colored cat! And now, "Scaredy Cat Pat" is ready for adoption! GO to my WEBSITE to see details and be sure to click on the image for more views and descriptions once you're there. Please send me an email if you'd like to adopt this one of a kind cat atop a chartreuse & orange-hued jack-o'-lantern, and later I will update the page to reveal who caught this collectible piece!....For now, I'm off to sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . . . .

Thanks again for looking!
~ Johanna

UPDATE: Sorry to keep some of you waiting - I woke up with a lovely headache and snoozed a bit. Now, that I am more alert, and checked my emails, I was amazed at the speed of the first "Catcher"! Celeste must have snagged this piece right when I turned my computer off for bedtime, and just 6 minutes into the game! Go Celeste! Many many thanks to the rest of you that came in at a close 2nd, and 3rd and so on... I always appreciate your interest and support!