Last Call to my Collector Friends!...

For those of you collectors who have been accumulating my Halloween folk art designs, don't forget to snap a few fun photos of your Halloween collections before you wrap them up and pack them away for next year. I would love to peek in and see my imaginative characters all happy and settled in their new homes! I am also saving your images for a future Collector's Corner page that will be featured here on my blog. If you would like to share your Halloween decor here with others who share your passion, please send me your photos to this address:
* I have received quite a few fun images so far! Thank you to those who have already shared your photos with me! Here is a teeny peek at just a few Halloween collections out there... More to come later :) ~ Johanna ~

* A wonderful cupboard of Halloween collectibles enjoyed by Matthew in Wadsworth, Ohio. He has amassed a wonderful display of vintage finds along with both my Halloween reproductions and originals and even a few pieces made by the collector himself!...

* Just a peek at Sandy's growing collection of my Halloween originals now residing in Beaver, Pennsylvania. She also collects the delightful work of Lori Ann Corelis.

* A sneak peek at local collector friend, Gay's wonderful wall display of both my original Halloween sculptures and my reproduced Halloween party plates now residing in her cozy home in Arvada, Colorado...

Again, I would LOVE to see more! Snap Snap those photos before the seasons change!
Thank you!