Vintage Halloween Gifts...

With my Halloween birthday just around the corner, I had three wonderful packages of goodies arrive this week! Each box was filled with antique finds, and knowing me and my passion for all things vintage, I was certainly thrilled to tear into each and cherish my new (old) gifts, for those are the best kinds. Here is a peek at the contents treasured....

R A T T L E RATTLE rattle!!!!
* The first birthday box was from Mom! She's made it a yearly tradition to seek out and adopt vintage Halloween collectibles for my collection of antique novelties. Take a look at this fabulous black cat tambourine!.... She found this wonderful piece during her recent visit to Vermont.... LOVE it!

C L I C K CLICK click!!!...
* Another treasure from Mom! Look at the intricate witch and broom graphics on this old Halloween clicker! What wonderful detail..... It's just a little gem!

* To top it off, Mom made me this dear hand stitched pillow from dyed wools and an old army blanket that my Grandpa used to keep folded up in the back of his car. Both nostalgic and sweet, handmade gifts may well top my list of favorites! I think this jack-o'-lantern pillow is delightful, and I encourage Mom to make many more... Don't you?? ~ THANK YOU Mom :)

* Another delightful surprise arrived from a very thoughtful collector friend of mine! I believe Celeste was snooping on my blog ~ hehe! ~ and noticed my love for colorful pottery as I have it lining the shelves in my 40s style kitchen. She boxed up this yummy yellow Bauer casserole bowl, once used and loved by her own mother, and sent it to me! It arrived, filled with adorable handmade packages containing Halloween treats! THANK YOU Celeste :) You are so sweet!

* And the last box traveled quite a distance to find me! A small package filled with delicious chocolates and this most wonderful floral bakelite brooch safely arrived from my sweet mother in law in Belgium! She found this amber colored pin in an antique shop and thought I just may like it... But, of course! It's wonderful! THANK YOU Mamy! :)

* Speaking of vintage gifts, I thought I might add this collectible Munsters postcard to the mix! My sweet friend and black cat art collector, Lyndy Ward of TODAYSGOLD sent this little gem to me! She was offering 3 of these vintage novelties on her blog as a generous Halloween giveaway, and her black cat, Magick chose my name out of a catnip-sprinkled pile of entries. I'm feeling lucky :) Thank you Lyndy and Magick for sending me this fun piece from the past. I always loved the Munsters :)

And THANK YOU to all who have sent me such fun Halloween cards! Some intricately illustrated, others stamped and adorned with whimsical cutouts and rhinestones and others hand-picked ~ I cherish them all and think of you fondly.... And, I hope next year I will finally design and print my very own Halloween greetings and send them off to you! Wish me luck.....

~ Johanna