Behind the Design with ME!...

Earlier this year, Connie Porcher, founding Editor in Chief of Celebrate365 Magazine expressed an interest in my blog post, It Starts with Black & White. How fun she thought it would be to offer a peek at my design process in her fall issue. I fully agreed, and then dreamt up a fun folk art cat project for her to feature. Fortunately, my article made the cut! The lovely spread, titled "Behind the Design with Johanna Parker" was pieced together by the very talented EHAG artist David Everett, who juggles his talents between sculpting amusing characters and designing graphics for print and web. Another treat by yet another talented EHAG artist is the bold cover design by Lori Rudolph, who too balances her talents between the world of sculpture and graphics. In all, it's an eye-catching, colorful issue filled with Halloween delights including a fun Collector feature on Robert Brawley, self-acclaimed as the Halloween Fanatic who has a rather large collection of my one of kind originals! So, there's much to see, and I highly recommend ordering your copy today!!! Just visit Celebrate365's Website and subscribe for full holiday inspiration...

* My article begins with: "Art Institute of Colorado trained graphic artist, Emmy winner, art director for an NBC news affiliate - Johanna Parker has an impressive resume. Since she left the corporate world behind and launched Johanna Parker Design in 2003, this self-assured artist has never looked back......"
To read more, order your copy today!

* "Howling Harvey" my Halloween folk art cat is featured from start to finish. I hope to offer him along with a signed copy of this issue on eBay very soon, so please join my mailing list for details!