Well, the Spring Fling is just around the corner, and I'm not quite ready just yet ~ story of my life!... JP and I spent several days rearranging our basement and creating a larger space for me to spread out my product inventory, shipping boxes and packing materials. It looks like a warehouse down there, but I am grateful to have the space! We've been unwrapping my latest spring reproduction designs, inspecting each one, and I have been signing each collectible, one by one. Little by little, I'm able to pack them away in preparation for this weekend's show. There's so much to consider like what props to bring, fabrics to dress the tables with and other adornments to make it just right. I wish I had weeks to think about it, but I just really began thinking about it all today!... Yikes! Well, with any luck, things will look festive on Saturday. Stay tuned for more photos from this weekend's show!

~ Johanna

PS.. Hope you all enjoyed my latest Collector's Catch piece!... Congrats to Deb for snagging this unique bird pictured below. Luckily, I created a few more standing birds, each unique and up for adoption this weekend. Come early for the best pickings!