Cat Welcoming Committee...

My artist & collector friend, Lory in California surprised me with some fun photos yesterday! Her "KatKids" as she calls LilyPad and Mr.Moon had to give their official welcoming sniff to her newest Johanna Parker Design adoptee from my Full Moon Web Sale, and she captured the moment!... Just thought I'd share! I'm a sucker for all things cat-related! (feel free to email me your fun pics of my artworks in your home! It's always a pleasure to see where they live and perhaps how your 4-legged companions react to them... Just don't leave them alone with that folk art!!) :-)
Thanks again Lory for sharing these fun pics with us!

Happy Week,
~ Johanna

* Sniff, sniff, sniff.... did "LilyLuna" pass LilyPad's test?

* I think they've already lost interest here.... hehe....