Gifts for Yule!

Yes, I'm still scurrying around trying to prepare for this weekend's show here in Denver. It's been one of my most intense "pre-show" weeks so far in my history of doing shows, and that seems to be a growing trend...... I truly love the work that I do, but it certainly doesn't offer much leisure as my original art has to come from my hands, and I can only work so fast. Taking long breaks from my work just sets me way behind schedule.... ack!

Luckily, I pulled together a collection of snowmen, santas, birds and winter cat related goodies for this weekend's Gifts for Yule show. In fact, Denver's trendy Westword Newspaper features an article this week about this unique show in it's 10th year and included a photograph of one of my creations! So, I guess hard work pays off... I'll attach a clipping of it below.

For you local folk art fans, I hope to see you over the next 2 days! FYI, I have new holiday notepad designs and reproductions to add to your decor and collections as well. Back to work I go..........

~ Johanna