Spring Folk Art


A sampling of Spring themed folk art originals by Johanna Parker, now residing in private collections

Creating art for Spring allows Johanna to tap into her softer side. Time permitting, she will make a handful of spring inspired characters just in time for Easter. The collection often includes bunnies, birds, butterflies and floral characters, painted in patina pastels with a vintage twist. The season of spring always sneaks up, so collections are often limited to 5 - 10 pieces before she moves on to the next season. With such a small debut, collections such as these are often released via spontaneous Mailing List Newsletter and are adopted out to those that catch them in time. There are plenty of hints along the way if you follow Johanna's Instagram feed and pay attention to the calendar too :) If you have an affinity for these spring delights, Johanna is always open to special order collaborations, and don't forget to "bug" her along the way...

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