JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Vintage Halloween Store

JPD Partners in Craft * Vintage Halloween Store + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

Illustrated Buttons in various size, serve as playful pins, necklaces and key chains…

Enjoy Johanna’s classic Black Cat & Owl checkerboard design on a clutch with many more spooktacular designs to choose from!

Double-sided round zipper pouches feature different faces from Johanna’s family of illustrated characters. Fill with your makeup essentials, coins or whatever you wish!

MAKER: Jennifer Fisher

(Shop the Johanna Parker + Vintage Halloween Collection)

(Enjoy a weekly Boo Box subscription this fall, with JPD delights & more!)

WHERE: Queen Creek, Arizona

CRAFT: Jewelry, Paper Crafts, Assemblage, Fashion Accessory Curation

Jennifer Fisher is a Nancy Drew consultant, author and scholar who grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and who always loved celebrating Halloween. Her love for both all things mysterious and spooky led to her passion for collecting Vintage Halloween in the early 2000s. Vintage Halloween party decorations, games and noisemakers became some of her favorite novelties. Along the way, she discovered companies, like Bethany Lowe and Primitives By Kathy, reproducing vintage Halloween images. That led to her creating a website to showcase Vintage Halloween along with launching the Vintage Halloween Store to sell reproduction and Vintage Style Halloween decor and party goods. As a Mom & Pop business of just Jenn, Vintage Halloween has been a labor of love and a way to reach out and meet other fans and collectors. Jenn also enjoys creating jewelry and has sold festive charm bracelets and other fashion accessories under the Baubles & Brew line at Vintage Halloween. In recent years, Jenn started a subscription box service, Boo Boxes, filled with vintage style Halloween goodies!

It was through Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers and Bethany Lowe that Jenn discovered the wonderfully sweet and festive Halloween creations of Johanna Parker, and she has been a fan of her work ever since! Every year she carries Johanna's reproductions in the store. Johanna's art always makes Jenn smile and feel inspired, so a collaboration between the two to create merchandise including festive buttons, jewelry, bags and Boo Boxes with vintage style flair seemed a match meant to be!

Johanna is thrilled to embark on this partner pairing. With a friendship connected through all things vintage Halloween, the two have woven a web, reaching like-minded collectors. And, for well over a decade, it’s been Johanna’s pleasure to send her fans to Jenn’s website as a steady source of licensed JPD delights! In turn, it’s fun to note that Jenn’s Vintage Halloween Store has caught the eyes of companies such as Netflix and Disney, who, as a result, discovered Johanna’s collectibles! Orders for her Halloween reproductionss as props and theme park decorations ensued! What FUN! We look forward to seeing what unfolds next…

Johanna and Jenn encourage fans to collect some handpicked Halloween bling from this collaboration! Whether it’s a designer clutch, charming jewelry, playful stickers, a series of Boo Box sets and the list of delights goes on, there’s something for everyone to put to use, collect and enjoy!

More spooky stylish purses to Collect and Carry!

Collect & Craft with Johanna’s Halloween stickers featuring her illustrations. Available thru the Vintage Halloween Store collaboration, order these in sets of 10 unique designs. Choose your favorite Halloween zipper pouch to keep them in! What a fun gift for any JPD Halloween fan!