JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Vintage by Crystal

JPD Partners in Craft * Vintage by Crystal + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

Handmade, spun cotton Halloween figurines, uniquely style by Vintage by Crystal, each featuring a Johanna Parker folk art face!

ARTISTS: Crystal & Ben Sloane

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WHERE: Upstate New York

CRAFT: Spun Cotton, Vintage Finds, Glass Glitter, Antique Relics, Crepe Paper, Paint, Printing, etc…

As a passionate collector of all things old and whimsical, Crystal Sloane has always been fond of the lost art of spun cotton. This craft was used a century ago in Victorian Germany by cottage artisans to create the now rare German cotton ornaments. With a collection of her own being far out of reach, Crystal was inspired to create a version of these beautiful treasures by perfecting a technique and style unique to her.  More than 10 years later she has collaborated with her husband Ben to turn this one woman show into a growing family business. 

Each charming and whimsical piece is carefully handcrafted using natural fibers, vintage finds, antique relics, and both new & forgotten treasures. Crystal and Ben’s passion is to scour antique fairs, flea markets, yard sales, forests, and beaches in search of finding the perfect materials to include in this historically inspired art.  

Crystal and Johanna have admired one another’s folk art for many years, cheering each other on along the way. When news of JPD Partners in Craft began to tickle the web, Crystal reached out with creative wheels a’spinning! Blending the faces of Johanna’s original papier mache sculptures with Crystal’s imaginative figures brings a whole new dimension to these whimsical characters! The results have such endearing personality and collectible appeal.

From their studio in upstate New York, Vintage by Crystal brings exquisite creations out into the world. Their imaginative style is sure to offer a little something special for everyone, making this a truly wonderful family business. We look forward to seeing what this creative husband and wife team dreams up in collaboration with Johanna Parker Design!

A classic green jack-o’-lantern, ghost, owl and moon make for a playful family of characters! Each is handmade from Vintage by Crystal, and they do look spooktacular, clustered in groups!