JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Spruce Ridge Studios

JPD Partners in Craft * Spruce Ridge Studios + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

ARTIST: Kris Miller

* Look for “Johanna Parker Adaptations”

WHERE: Howell, Michigan

CRAFT: Inked Pattern Designs on Linen & Monks Cloth for Hooked Wool Applications

With a specialty in original hand drawn primitive rug hooking patterns, Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios reached out to Johanna at the end of 2017 to collaborate on a medley of iconic designs. The results are just beginning to take shape as rug hookers work their magic to create textural works of art from strips of wool. In collaboration, Spruce Ridge Studios offers handmade patterns, adapted from Johanna’s illustrations, and includes a sample print of each original design. The rest of the creativity is up to the rug hooker! Look for books authored by Kris Miller, and check out her schedule for rug hooking classes and shows. Find additional inspiration on the Spruce Ridge Blog and Facebook page!

* NOTE to Rug Hookers: Join the JPD Partners in Craft network & take orders for these collectible handmade rugs! For those that do not hook rugs, there is a demand for finished art. :)