JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Roadside Cottage Goods

JPD Partners in Craft * Roadside Cottage Goods + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

Dress up your kitchen with Johanna’s Halloween fabric collection, sewn and blended into fun an functional items made by Roadside Cottage Goods…

ARTIST: Susan Graham

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WHERE: North Dakota & Arizona

CRAFT: Sewing, Fabric, Composition, Fun & Useful Home Goods

Susan’s love for color, along with mixing and matching fabrics, has become a passion and a creative business. Just a few years ago, she made some Clothes Pin Bags that created a frenzy of interest! Resounding encouragement to sell those novelties, sparked the start of Roadside Cottage Goods, which Susan playfully named after her 1959 Aljo Travel Trailer. Painted pink and white, it’s her vintage studio and inspirational space on wheels, which serves as a perfect way to transport her stuff. With a family in farming and construction, the road between homes is well-travelled. Seasonal shifts push and pull them from Arizona to rural North Dakota and back. Susan’s supportive husband of almost 30 years, offers his classic comic relief along the way! Two wonderful sons and their lovely wives have expanded their family to include 5 grandchildren that offer countless opportunities to imagine and play.

Although Susan’s background is in accounting, she has always made time for crafting. Seeking just the right fabrics is a task she enjoys and clearly connects to. She combines and sews selected materials into well-made quality, fun and functional items for daily use. By dedicating herself to a hefty learning curve for selling on Etsy and marketing her sewn goods online, her efforts have been fruitful. Now, Susan feels that she is finally doing what she was meant to do!

Johanna was drawn to her vintage style creations when a fellow fan commissioned Susan to make Halloween kitchen towels with Johanna’s whimsical fabrics from Spoonflower! The results were an adorable blend of Halloween style with function and quality that caught Johanna’s eye! Now, the two are excited to collaborate on more goods that feature Johanna’s unique, Made-in-America fabrics with Susan’s imaginative, handmade designs! With that, the two are kick-starting their homeware goods with pie cozies and pleated clothes pin bags for spring! Keep an eye out for whimsical Halloween collaborations, soon to follow…

Most nights, you can find Susan glued to her ipad, treasure-hunting that next favorite fabric and dreaming up new handmade product designs. Through her goods, she finds joy in brightening your day in the simplest of ways!

Add a special, JPD-inspired Roadside Cottage Good to your day :)