JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Elliott’s Playground

JPD Partners in Craft * Elliott’s Playground + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

NEW Halloween Putz Houses handmade by Clara using Johanna’s playful patterns and whimsical Halloween characters!

ARTIST: Clara Batton Smith

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WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

CRAFT: Fabric, Felt, Cotton, Embroidery Thread, Glitter, Paper…

When Clara is not wrangling her two small humans, she sews and draws and make things! Her sweet Mom taught her how to embroider, and while she claims that her hand work will never be quite as delicate and perfect as Mom’s, she certainly enjoys making little embroidered ornaments and other plushie delights for the holidays. After posting the most adorable photo of her daughter with handmade, JPD-inspired, plushie black cat, and wearing a coordinating print from Johanna’s Spoonflower shop,…. well a creative match was made!

Since then, Clara has added paper crafts and glitter into her mix of collaborative creations! Look for collectible JPD-inspired Putz Houses to join the family of collectibles…

"Elliott's Playground" is named for Clara’s adopted koala. After moving house from Chicago to Melbourne, she met Elliott through a koala rescue organization and quickly fell in love! Little sketches turned into paintings which have now been turned into a children's book, Elliott & Anastacia, with Guardian Angel Publishing. $1 from each sale of Elliott's Playground merchandise goes to the Australian Koala Foundation.