Ink & Dye Illustrations


A sampling of whimsical illustrations using water-based dyes, ink and colored pencil by artist Johanna Parker

Since childhood, Johanna has been drawing her impressions of the world around her. Her happiest moments often included a stack of scratch paper, colored pencils and marker pens. Growing up, she spent hours drawing people and characters wearing imaginative clothing. Years later, with a full scholarship to study art, Johanna was introduced to ink and dyes, and it's here where she developed her illustrative style. When launching the folk art branch of her business, it was a desire to express her drawing technique that gave birth to the conical hats that she adorns many of her Halloween characters with. The concept was clearly a big hit, and hence, her illustrations gave her collectibles a signature appeal that started an on-going trend. Since then, Johanna has illustrated notepads for licensees, book covers for clients and other various design applications for products. Licensees interested in seeing more of her portfolio are invited to submit an inquiry via her Licensing Catalog page.