"Blooming Mabel" * Silent Auction

Collect a one of a kind Valentine original by folk artist Johanna Parker...

One of a kind winged Love Bug

With a look of surprise, this sweet love bug will pull at your heart strings.  She wears a sculpted and stripe-painted conical hat topped with a delicate wire heart and trimmed by a thin band of black glass glitter. A long stem flower in bloom with 9 floral hearts decorates her base. Painted red wings with stylized patterns dance around her ball shaped body. A vintage pink painted collar trims her neck to complement her bulbous cheeks and festive hat. Heart-shaped wings and swirled antennae of wire, add more interest and buggy delight. A black collar wisp and a dusting of mica give her a touch of magic. She may just steal your heart!

6.5" tall by 5.5" wide 

Hand sculpted & painted papier mache folk art original  by Johanna Parker

Thank you!

This Auction has now ended. Winning Bid: $567.00

We are accepting your Best Offers now through when this silent auction ends on February 7th. By mid-day on Wednesday the 7th, all bidders will receive an update via email which will disclose the current Best Offer. Participants will have until 7:00 pm EST to reply and raise their bids, and that information will remain private. The winning Best Offer of this auction will be announced via email shortly after 7:00 pm EST to all participating collectors. Thank you!

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* This Auction has now ended. Many thanks to our folk art enthusiasts for participating!! :-)

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