Artful Living


A sneak peek into the home and gardens of Johanna, JP and Jack reveals an art-filled life

There's no shortage of color, pattern and vintage flare at the JPs' home retreat. A 1939 cottage, complete with an antique stove named Ester, old fixtures, nooks and arches that date back to its beginnings, are often the inspiration for Johanna's art. Fascinated with the flowing lines and designs of the Art Deco period, she can tap into the spirit of that era by surrounding herself in it. It's here where they both create! Together, they are restoring this historical structure, one step at a time, and adding a touch of "storybook" whimsy to the place. The gardens and landscaping that encircle the property are being added as a labor of love. Projects are on-going and who knows if they will ever be "done", but Johanna and JP are a hands-on team, and it's only natural to have many creative ideas brewing and in the works! And, let's not forget Jack, the black cat that often strikes a pose or models one of Johanna's latest conical hats. The three J's are quite an artful team :)

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