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Valiant Adventures Decals

JPD Partners in Craft * Valiant Adventures Decals + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

ARTIST: Renay Valiant

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WHERE: Indiana

CRAFT: Waterslide Decals

Renay is happily married and a busy mama to 4 boys. She spends her hectic days homemaking in the midwest and loves to thrift and collect "all the things". Her passion is for that gorgeous glass green from decades past called Jadeite, and she lovingly embellishes some of her prized pieces with holiday-themed decals. Along the way, she fell in love with Johanna’s art, and it was love at first sight!

On a creative quest, Renay began piecing together Johanna’s illustrations with her vintage glass finds. The results were a delight! She reached out to JPD to share her whimsical waterslide decal samples and naturally, with Johanna’s love for vintage kitchenware, it was a match! Renay now creates and offers decals featuring Johanna’s art in her Etsy shop which include step by step instructions for proper application. This allows anyone to adorn their own glassware collections, in a Do-it-Yourself kinda way. As Renay treasure-hunts, keep an eye on her Etsy shop for unique combinations that mix Johanna’s designs with her unique finds. As such, she also offers the finished products for those that want instant whimsical vintage gratification! Look for more artful decals from this artist collaboration!