JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

the Kitschenette

JPD Partners in Craft * The Kitschenette + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration


* Look for items with “JPD Partners in Craft” in the description

WHERE: Leafy Surrey ~ United Kingdom

CRAFT: Hand-Mixed Resin Colors, Acrylic Printing, Embedded Designs

Kitty has been running the Kitschenette since 2009, first starting with handmade felt and fabric accessories, then moving onto plastic illustrated jewelery, now with added resin! 

After a brief break from the jewelry side to expand the Kitty brand and launch Kitty’s Boo-tique (an all-year-round Halloween store, stocking JPD!), her return to the Kitschenette to revamp designs has been a great creative outlet. Now, Kitty is bringing the Halloween and jewelry brands together by teaming up with JPD to bring a whole range of products using Johanna’s designs encased in crystal clear resin, giving each product an almost 3D effect. Each piece is hand made, printed and poured using hand mixed resin, so all are truly unique!

A NEW set of Spooky Christmas brooches have just launched to follow the first wave of Kitty’s jewelry items featuring Johanna’s classic owl and cat design.

JPD Partners in Craft with the Kitschenette will be available to UK and European customers through Kitty’s Boo-tique and for UK, Europe and the rest of the world through the Kitschenette very soon!