JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Petals & Poison

JPD Partners in Craft * Petals & Poison + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration


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WHERE: United States

CRAFT: Clay Sculpture, Metallic Paints, Copper Filigree, Precious Gems, Stones, Metal Accents, and a touch of Magic

Jená specializes in truly magical, Erised Reflecting Glass Mirrors and unique custom items. With an idea in mind, she will either sketch her design or simply allow ideas to flow and guide her work. Each piece includes hand-selected filigree, Swarovskis, stones and crystals which are arranged depending upon the theme and aesthetic. For a truly custom finish, Jená hand-sculpts elements from high quality, durable clay and then coats those designs in metallic patinas, powders and sealants. Petals & Poison reached out to Johanna to create a custom Reflecting Glass that marries Johanna’s classic grinning black cat character with Jená’s enchanting mirrors, and something magical was born! Visit the website of Petals & Poison to see more of Jená’s bewitching work and her Instagram page @petalsandpoison to view these beautiful mirrors shimmer and twinkle in motion. Custom designs are welcome that crossover more of Johanna’s whimsical characters into Jená’s mesmerizing art.