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Hotcakes Design Jewelry

JPD Partners in Craft * Hotcakes Design Jewelry + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

Handmade Collaborative Collection of 8 vintage style Halloween brooches.. Art imagery by Johanna Parker for Hotcakes Design Jewelry.. Start your collection!

The storefront of FAVOR in Berkeley, CA - Home to Caramia’s Shop & Studio!

ARTIST: Caramia Visick

WHERE: Berkeley, CA

CRAFT: Cast Resin, Sculpture, Jewelry Design, Embellishments, Vintage Ephemera & Novelties

Caramia Visick started Hotcakes Design Jewelry in 2001. Her specialty is cast resin, in the style of Bakelite and Victorian themes. She also loves color, big statement pieces and Halloween! Her studio is located in the back of her shop, FAVOR, in Berkeley. You can find her creating her resin pieces, beading long gemstone necklaces and making cheeky animal necklaces on most days! She carries lots of other artists in her shop and sneaks out to do holiday shows when possible! Each year, as fall approaches, her shop fills up with Halloween necklaces, earrings, ornaments and goodies! Halloween brooches are one of the most loved of Hotcakes pieces, and she feels that this new collaboration with Johanna Parker will be amazing!!

It was in 2018 when Johanna spotted Caramia’s colorful jewelry on Instagram! Captivated by the hues and vintage charm of Caramia’s work, she went on to explore the Hotcakes’s website to find a medley of eye candy delights within the most dreamy of stores! Intrigued in particular by the carved black bezels of Caramia’s brooches, Johanna set out to make a connection. She imagined her whimsical paintings and illustrations, hauntingly framed in such a lovely jewel, and fortunately Caramia agreed! The two have made a match, and are rolling out a series of 8 unique brooch designs, featuring Johanna’s art and framed in Caramia’s beautiful cast resin. On the back of each brooch, a collector will enjoy the addition of the Hotcakes trademark and a gold plate, stating “Johanna Parker Collaboration”…

Find their collectible brooches at FAVOR, in Berkeley and on the website: * Attendees of the All Hallows’ Art Fest in Petaluma September 28, 2019 will have the chance to collect these in person too!

Johanna’s “Ghost Genie” framed in Caramia’s vintage Bakelite styled bezel…

Each brooch is stamped with the Hotcakes Design trademark and includes a “Johanna Parker Collaboration” brass tag…

A peek inside Caramia’s shop reveals vintage delights and handmade jewelry galore!