JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Aunt Sadies Candles

JPD Partners in Craft * Aunt Sadies Candles + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

ARTISTS: Gary Briggs & Brian Schnetzer

* Look for items with “Johanna Parker” in the description

WHERE: Lunenburg, Vermont

CRAFT: Hand-Poured Candles, Scented Oils, Printed Designer Wraps

The candle making artisans at Aunt Sadies, include both family and friends - and all native Vermonters. Set amidst rolling hills, cradled by majestic mountains, sits their 1865 farmhouse which is a former horse farm. Every one of their candles is hand poured in the original barn. Johanna Parker Design and Aunt Sadies connected in 2015 to debut a collection of both Halloween and Christmas designs to adorn their scented candles. Johanna continues to add new whimsical designs to these glowing delights.