JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

Amber’s Imagination Co

JPD Partners in Craft * Amber’s Imagination Co. + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

ARTIST: Amber Keller

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WHERE: Mountains of East Tennessee

CRAFT: Paint, Illustration, Sculpture, Textiles

Amber Keller lives in the mountains of East Tennessee where the gorgeous scenery and small town life inspire her love of vintage Halloween. As an artist she utilizes a variety of mediums including illustration, painting, sculpture, and textiles to bring her creations to life. Amber reached out to Johanna with an enthusiasm to create novelty push-up dolls and other characters mixing both textiles, wood, clay and other mediums. With that, the creative wheels began to spin, and a unique collaboration blending Amber’s creativity with Johanna’s Halloween fabrics and iconic characters was born! Amber’s Imagination Co. now extends the JPD line to include timeworn jointed characters, pop-up toy puppet collectibles made in the tradition of long ago as well as candlestick make-do soft sculptures and other vintage style delights. Often stained and sanded for that extra old-world patina, Amber’s handmade creations have a well-loved finish. Find these special items, made to order, in her Etsy shop.

More JPD crossover pieces are coming soon to Amber’s shop!